PAO Core Values

The PAO Executive Council, during its January 19, 2012 meeting affirmed the Mission and Vision statements of the PAO formulated last 2010. During the same meeting, current objectives and strategies for the organization were made and the initial list of core values was drawn up. The council, with inputs from the Ethics Committee, passed Board Resolution 2012-08 during its February 23, 2012 meeting, approving the PAO's core values. And these are:

• EXCELLENCE: We strive to continually learn and improve so that we may achieve the highest ideals of patient care.

• INTEGRITY: We deal honestly and fairly with the public and with one another. We adhere to the truth at all times.

• RESPECT: We embrace each others' differences, we value healthy interaction so that we may enhance the well-being of

• PROFESSIONALISM AND ETHICAL CONDUCT: We provide caring service for all sectors of society, including the marginalized
   and vulnerable groups.

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