PBO Officers    

The Philippine Board of Ophthalmology announces its new set of officers who will lead the organization organization from the year 2007 till 2011.

Cosme I.N. Naval, M.D.
Vice Chairman
Salvador R. Salceda, M.D.
Prospero Ma. C. Tuaño, M.D.
Rudolfo U. Chuanico, M.D.

Completing the roster of members of the Board are:

  • Manuel B. Agulto, M.D.
  • Mario V. Aquino, M.D.
  • Teresita R. Castillo, M.D.
  • Jacinto U. Dy-Liacco, M.D.
  • Reynaldo E. Santos, M.D.
  • Ricardo G. San Juan, M.D.
  • Antonio S. Say, M.D.
  • Marissa N. Valbuena, M.D.
  • Pearl M. Tamesis-Villalon, M.D.
  • Ruben Lim Bon Siong, M.D. (PAO President)
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